What is a Sine Wave?

A sine wave is really just another way to describe a circle | image of sine waveYou hear about sine waves all the time.  It's how radio works (both AM and FM).  It's how television works.  It's even how your microwave works!  But did you know that a sine wave is really just another way to describe a circle?  Yup.  That's all there is to it. If you go to the Interactive Mathmatics web site and scroll down, you'll see an active illustration of how the sine describes a circle.  Mathmatics describes real world things.  Unlike what many people say, it is not an abstract science.  Rather, it is a very solid and tested way to describe real things. 

It's all trigonometry and that's why builders can create bridges, buildings, freeways, automobiles, engines, hydro-electric dams, and space stations.  All with math, including sine waves.  Is it complicated?  Not really.  Trig is about describing a circle with numbers. Once you understand what the numbers mean - you can build almost anything. Check it out!  Don't believe me?  Call us and let's find out just how trig works in the real world!