Multiplication Rhymes

(Numbers squared)

Graph of numbers 1 through 9 multiplied by thenselves | image1x1 went for a run, one got tired, and then there was just 1

2x2 went to explore, the number of hamsters they found was 4

3x3 climbed a pine, when they got to the top it was half-past 9

4x4 was a truck so mean that to drive it you had to be at least 16

5x5 hit a bee hive, the stingers pulled out totaled 25

6x6 took some pix, their photo album contained 36

7x7 looked so fine, because they were only 49

8x8 fell on the floor, when they got up they were 64

9x9 had some fun, their jokes, all told, were 81

10x10 went to bed, when they woke-up they were a 100

11x11 got some sun, their temperature went up to 121

12x12 got real sore, their pushups equaled 144

(Note:  1x1 = 12,  2x2 = 22… 9x9 = 92, etc.)