Tom Crane - TCrane Tutoring - Portrait Amongst Roses | ImageAffordable top quality tutoring is provided for students from kindergarten through 12th grade and adults.

Do you or someone you love really need to succeed at learning? TCrane Tutoring can help eliminate road blocks in Math and Language Arts. With over 20 years of experience teaching in classrooms as well as tutoring, everyone can overcome barriers and achieve higher grades and improved learning ability.

Focusing on the tutoring needs from Shingle Springs to the Sacramento area, a wide range of methods are used to bring out a student's skills, even those with Learning Disabilities.  Whether a child, high school, or adult student, we specialize in tutoring techniques and instruction that fill in learning gaps and ensure success.

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TCrane Tutoring will help you design an excellent course of action and create appropriate lessons for your educational needs.

A Parent’s Special Relationship

Lttle boy with hands in his hair - stairing with frustration at homework | imageDo you remember when your parents tried to help you with your homework?  Or, if you’re young, have your parent(s) sat down with you to help? For those who are self-motivated, a gentle nudge from a Mom or Dad can give you comfort and guidance.  But more often, parents have a special relationship with their student that generally makes it difficult for them to tutor their children. A tutor is a mentor, someone who has a special understanding of learning, and particular tools and methods to accelerate the learning process, but they can also see the student “from outside” and that gives a tutor a strong advantage for identifying needs and talking about a person’s academic struggle.

As parents, we all want to see our children excel in school. Some children are great at motivating themselves, while others need a push to catch up or even a little help to accelerate beyond their current curriculum. When it comes to building new skills in education, there is no reason to postpone giving your child that push. Does your child need a tutor?

While there are emotional cues that might be hard to read, you can always look at your child’s grades. You might have a straight-A student getting their first B, or, a kid showing signs that they need extra help. But grades give you concrete evidence that your child is succeeding, or is in need of an extra hand in one subject or another.  But how do you read the emotional cues?  What do you look for?

Hiring a Tutor

Two young people, mand and woman, studying with books and pens in hand | imageIf your child has reached the second grade you will be able to tell if they need a tutor. Take your search for a tutor seriously. Choose a trained and experienced professional.  You’ll want to make sure they have a good reputation and assessment skills.  They need to understand the needs of different age groups academically and emotionally. Remember, this is more than just a technical problem. Your student needs a partner. A tutor needs to be someone who can make learning fun and interesting and who knows people.  Poor academic experiences affect how a person learns, how they feel about themselves, and how they feel about their future.  The right tutor can make a huge difference.

A good tutor will talk to you and to the teacher to discuss curriculum, goals and learning styles.  These discussions often reveal that the teacher is seeing something at school too.  The tutor becomes the student’s advocate, re-teaching or accelerating lessons as needed to spark interest, confidence, and self-esteem.  One of the most important tools that a good tutor provides is a set of goals.  This also goes for you.  Make sure you tell the tutor what you expect. This will ensure that your expectations are communicated, and realistic.  The tutor can work with you to make sure the goals are attainable and success is attainable.  Setting goals should be as simple as identifying two or three that you want to accomplish.  Things like better spelling, or higher grades in math, or getting better at tests, or improve the student’s organizational skills.